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Pampers Baby Dry Pants Launch 2016

Brand Engagement

Pampers, a leading diaper brand and under P&G, were set to launch their new Pampers baby dry pants in Singapore and wanted to curate a brand activation exercise to heighten brand profile and launch this product.

The competition was tough in the diaper market with many Japan-made brands making a similar major push.

Pampers went for a “SuperMom Jubilee Baby Bash”, organised at Marina Square Mall with the highlight of a “crawling contest” for babies, from six to 24 months, to promote its new diaper pants. More than 300 SG50 babies took part in the crawling race.

Parents were also encouraged to provide their reviews of the Pampers’ baby dry pants online. A contest was then held online for the best reviews.

More than 500 families attended the Marina Square Mall event, significantly raising Pampers’ brand profile in making popular the baby dry pants.